The Linear look can be styled using any of our kitchen ranges, whether you are short on space or looking for open plan living.

Using seven key design principles to achieve the look, our kitchen designers will work with you to plan this style into your home. Strong, permanent lines, a continuous flow of edges and an uncluttered and organised feel can help make your beautiful Linear kitchen functional. everything is easily accessible yet discretely hidden away.

Incorporating the Linear look into your design ensures that you're creating a kitchen that is totally individual to you and your family's needs, whilst achieving an effortlessly stylish look


As the name suggests, this style includes our most modern designs which are available in a wide selection of colours and finishes. A handleless or slab door design can work in almost any situation whether it is the simplest and most functional of kitchens or a minimalist, high design aesthetic.

They say that a design is perfect when there is nothing left to take away. our modern style embraces that philosophy of simplicity and clarity. Each range features modern, sleek surfaces and clean elegant lines. Available in a wide range of finishes, you can personalise the design to suit you and your family.


Our Shaker range makes a timeless style statement with a classic door design, capable of being both modern and traditional. With wood grain and matt finishes, kitchens created using our Shaker range can be styled to appeal to a broad taste, from country house to classic cottage.

A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING - Give a nod to the original Shaker kitchen and incorporate storage into your design. Glass fronted cupboards modernise the style, whilst a clever use of drawer space creates an uncluttered and effortless look.