The right lighting can make a stylish yet practical statement in your kitchen. Properly illuminated spaces are easier to work in, with the added bonus that bright rooms feel more spacious and inviting.


Your choice of handles can totally transform your kitchen. Handles are going to be used every day, so they have got to be hard-wearing and functional. They are always oin show, which makes them a vital part of your kitchen styling.


Your worktops need to be beautifully crafted and durable to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Our comprehensive range will suit every kitchen style whilst looking fantastic and functioning perfectly too. Matching breakfast bars give you the perfect spot for informal meals and remember that your choice of sink can affect the type of worktop you can have, so be sure to choose one which is suitable.


All granite, wood and laminate worktops come  with a one year manufacturing guarantee. Our Silestone quartz has a 25 year warranty subject to registration. In the unlikely event of a defect in manufacturing or raw materials, we will replace them promptly and without charge


Flooring is an integral part of any interior design. It can often be the finishing touch to creating a stunning look. We need flooring to not only look good, but be functional and hard-wearing too.

Have you thought about the size and shape of your room? Light floors will create space and brighten smaller areas, whilst darker floors can bring warmth. Decide whether you prefer the look of wood or tiles - as we have a wide range of flooring that caters for both.

Different rooms in your home will have different levels of traffic and moisture. To get the most from your floor, choose one that is suitable for the level of activity and is compatible with your lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for real wood, vinyl or laminates, we have got a wide range of styles and colours to suit your home.


Kitchen sinks play a crucial role in the running of any home, and can also form a major part of an interior design. There are different fitting types available to complement a variety of decors, including designs that sit beneath a counter for a contemporary look, kitchen sinks that are conventionally fitted within a counter, and heritage-style deep models that bring a vintage appeal to a space. A choice of neutral and on-trend colours allow households to pick out their favourite shade to achieve a preferred palette, including a classic light-and-dark contrast. Reversible drainers and varying bowl depths can be found to accommodate different layouts, as well as a choice of hardwearing materials - from classic metallic finishes to premium stone for luxe appeal.


Kitchen taps are an essential tool, providing fresh running water for washing veg and rinsing pots, and can also include additional features that will save valuable time on daily chores. A variety of styles make it easy to customise the look of a kitchen tap, including cubic designs for modernised homes, curved features for those with ergonomic considerations, and classic styles for rooms inspired by heritage interiors. Polished finishes can be used to complement existing fixings in a space, whilst muted and bold-coloured designs are a more on-trend accent for contemporary homes that adopt a pared-back look or statement decor. Besides look and finish, there are models that will save on water bills, can help purify water for a better taste, and are compatible in hard or soft water areas. All kitchen taps come with a two-year guarantee for total peace of mind that a home can keep running smoothly.


No kitchen is complete without appliances. Choosing the right ones from our comprehensive range of cooking, refrigeration, laundry and dishwashing options will complete your kitchen. They include all the latest innovations and technologies to save energy, time and money so you can be confident that you are buying efficient, quality products.


When designing your new kitchen, we know that finishing touches need to take into consideration the whole of your home and how your kitchen will flow into the rest of your living space. Our joinery range means you can be sure that your doors, skirting boards, architrave and staircases tie in with the heart of the home - your kitchen.

We have door styles available in a variety of options including glazed, fire, pocket and bi-fold, so you can be sure to find a solution for every room in your house.