With a range of different sizes, fuel sources and styles available, finding a hob that not only looks the part but also gives you the flexibility you need in your kitchen is easy.


Induction technology is the most energy efficient way to cook on a hob. It is also fast and safe as it only heats the pan rather than the surface of the hob. Induction hobs are not suitable for stir frying in a wok.


A combination of smooth glass surface and LED touch control gives this style a truly minimalist look as the heating element sits under the toughened glass. They are not suitable for stir frying in a wok.


Heating up instantly, gas hobs are a popular choice. They are easy to control, energy efficient and with features such as a flame failure device you will have complete peace of mind.


electric hobs make cooking quick and easy and are a great choice if you do not have a gas supply. They retain heat and continue to cook even after they have been switched off as they cool down.



Our extractors are available in a variety of designs with a choice of features and functions to suit every kitchen. Whether you are looking to create a design statement or hide it away, we have the extractor for you.


These sit above your hob or cooker and can create a really stunning look. Choose a model that matches the width of your hob with a selection of fan speeds to keep all those cooking smells at bay.


If your hob is positioned in your island unit then choose a model that will sit above it and create a talking point. Choose from a curved glass or cylinder design.


If you prefer the extractor to be concealed and hidden from view then integrated designs are a good choice. These are positioned in a matching cabinet above your hob so you retain a clean and consistent look.


These are fixed to the wall above your hob and are a traditional choice. They are normally positioned between two cabinets.


A canopy extractor sits above the hob and is integrated into a cabinet so when it is not in use you can just shut the door and hide it away.